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Brick By Brick: Building (or Re-building) Your Company Culture

Join John as he shares his experiences in helping to rebuild the internal culture of not 1 but 2 iconic brands on opposite ends of the spectrum like the Improv Comedy Clubs and IHOP.  John's funny, sometimes irreverent, look at what it takes to rebuild any brand, whether it needs slightly refreshed, needs some resuscitation, or just needs to be dug up out of grave.  In this session he will discuss:  finding your history (there's one no matter how boring you think it is), finding your voice, understanding who you are and aren't, getting your people behind you in team environment, the role training plays, and finally - how to keep that synergy going once you have it. 

Be The Headliner: Leadership Lessons From The Stage

John takes a funny and thought-provoking look at the Leadership Lessons he's learned from years of public speaking and his time at the Improv Comedy Clubs while watching many famous and not-so-famous comedians take the stage.  John seamlessly weaves in leadership principles from stand-up comedy with his years of leadership experience with the US Air Force and running operations and training for such iconic companies as the Improv Comedy Club and IHOP. You'll get everything from "booking talent" (building and retaining strong teams that work well together) to "bombing" (recovering from mistakes) to a "the importance of a good close" (follow up and accountability) and everything in between.  Join John as he brings the funny side of leadership to the stage in this energetic and interactive session.


The Learning Driven Leader: How to Create a Learning Culture 

John uses his expertise on adult learning principles, coupled with his real world experience and sense of humor, to show you why traditional training programs are going the way of blockbuster and eye contact.  He will explain how the laws of learning have changed over the years and some ways you can make your company a Learning Lab by taking training out of the training room and into your daily habits and activities.  If you want to build a culture that appreciates training and development - this is the presentation for you.  


Here's a hot-take for you - people are different.  In fact, very different.  So why do we try to lead them all exactly the same way?  In this highly interactive session, based partially on a self-discovery assessment that is eerily accurate,  you will learn how to quickly judge the type of leadership an individual needs and deliver on that leadership in a customized way to the learner/team member.  You will take a quick 20 question assessment that is the basis for the presentation.  We will talk about everything from generational differences to personality types and everything in between.  This is a fun, funny, and incredibly interactive session that is sure to be a favorite at your next conference.  

Each topic can be a 60 - 90 minute keynote or breakout, or can be up to a 1/2 or full day seminar.  Each will be customized to your brand and organization.  John speaks on a variety of topics related to leadership, learning, and life so feel free to throw him a challenge to write something just for your organization.

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