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"John Isbell is like Magic Johnson and LeBron...he makes everyone around him better.  His humor, energy and heart ignite audiences and elevates every individual to new heights.  He will rock your team.  Don't miss the chance to work with John!"

    --Brian Biro:  America's Breakthrough Coach (pictured here)

"I gotta follow this guy?!  I think he missed his true calling as an entertainer - he's  just terrific on stage!

    --Sam Borgese:  Former President & CEO of Logan's Roadhouse, Current Board Member, El Pollo Loco

"John is an engaging, effective, & entertaining speaker.  He has served as a guest lecturer for me numerous times & is a class favorite.  He is able to drive home points while resonating with the audience.  I still hear comments years after the fact on effective & useful skills taught by John.  Would highly recommend him to effectively engage and entertain any audience while driving home the salient poins of leadership and organizational behavior.

    --Dr. Mack G. Howell:  Chief Business Officer, Vanderbilt University Medical Center & Adjunct Professor @ Lipscomb University

"Smart, confident, hilarious - that is how I would describe John Isbell. I have known John for along time as a rock star trainer, quick-witted communicator and charismatic leader, but now as a professional speaker, he uses those skills to enhance his messaging and delivery to truly educate and entertain audiences of all types. John Isbell rocks!”

  --Jim Knight: Keynote Speaker and Best-Selling Author of Culture That Rocks

"John is amazing to work with!!  He personalized his general session for our company and our conference message – he really hit it out of the park.  Our conference attendees loved him - he is one of the most engaging and energetic presenters we’ve ever had.  His presentation generated a lot of enthusiasm among our team as well as provided great take-aways for our leaders to immediately bring back and implement at their respective hotels ."   

   --M. Christine Andrews, SHRM-SCP, SPHR:  Vice President People & Culture, Hostmark Hospitality Group

"His speaking skills & great sense of humor helped him instantly have credibility with everyone in the organization." 

    --TJ Shier:  Keynote Speaker & Author of "Send Flowers to the Living" & the "SMART Restaurant Guide" series

"You are a gifted speaker who engages the audience insightfuly, delivering the message clearly to all levels." 

    --Alex Loustou:  Westfield Properties

"John once told me that as a speaking coach I could make a speaker out of anyone. Well, maybe. But John made it easy. 
When he stood up for the first exercise at The Speaking Intensive℠ back in 2005, we all knew he had that something special.  All we needed to do was nurture it and he would blossom into the top-notch presenter he is now.  Bravo!"

    --Alan Parisse: MBA, CSP, CPAE:  World Renowned Speaker and Master Coach at the Speaking Intensive

"In today’s shifting world, organizations are looking for new ideas and new practices that will enable them to adapt to an ever changing landscape. The ways in which one approaches managing people and profits are on consistently diverging paths. Push hard for one and be flexible and nuanced in the other. We need great information and thoughtful ideas to navigate these times, especially in a Franchise environment.  Look no further than John Isbell and his unique and refreshing style of bringing home the realities of the today’s workplace and the innovation required to build your company into the future. Using humor, frankness and passion, John willl take you and your team on a journey through personal introspection and fall on the floor laughter.  All while remaining focused on the matter at hand. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with one of today’s brightest organizational thought leaders. You won’t be disappointed.


Celton Hayden, Jr.

President & CEO  | CC’s Coffee House

“Thanks for speaking at our National Operators Conference for our Franchisees.  You are energetic and engaging that not only motivates but also brings practical business ideas that our franchisees can use to grow personally and professionally!  Awesome presentation! You were the highest rated speaker! Thank you again for a great presentation!!!"


David Kreitlow

Director, Training & HR | Galardi Group

"When I had the opportunity to book a keynote speaker for our annual Leadership Conference, the first person I reached out to was John. I was excited to introduce him to our 150 Managers and Headquarters Team at this conference. From the start of his presentation, John captivated the attention of the entire audience and engaged them on a level that I could not have imagined. His style of interweaving personal stories, humor and research truly engaged our Team, from our CEO to our Kitchen Managers, and from our Accounting Team to our Training Team. He addressed our Team as if he knew them personally and with a complete understanding of what they are experiencing day in and day out. The assessments John used helped our Team internalize the conversation and identify the type of Leader they are, and provided them a tool they could take back to their Teams and use for their development.


The most impressive aspect of John’s presentation was the conversations that it fueled later on during the conference and after. Throughout the remainder of the conference, our Team referred back to whether they were a Red, Blue, Green or Hub (You’ll have to experience his presentation to know what that means) and embraced their new found knowledge or personal revelations. They were excited to find out how their Team would identify and could not wait to get back to their locations to present them with the assessment. Even today, several weeks later, our Team is still embracing the Service Strength Inventory assessment and their colors even going as far as placing corresponding ribbons on their office doors!


Having experienced numerous Keynote Speakers at numerous events throughout my 20 year career, I can honestly say, John Isbell is one of the best! His level of engagement is brilliant for ever level of Team Member, Business Owner, Franchisee or Executive. He will make you think, self-reflect and ultimately, allow yourself to express some vulnerability. I would highly recommend him for your next conference or meeting and can guarantee your team will love every minute of it."

Philip Pinkerman

Senior Operations Director  | Luna Grill

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