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Today is the 37th anniversary of the death of John Lennon. Hard to believe he has been gone now almost as long as he was alive. I've always been a big admirer of his songs and charity work and IMAGINE is still one of my favorite songs to this day. So in honor of the late great Beatle and solo artist, I thought I'd IMAGINE the world being different with a few ideas of my own:

  • Imagine skinny jeans on men being banned forever. It's easy if you try...

  • Imagine using these three words - End Childhood Hunger (Author's Note: Get to know Share Our Strength - GREAT organization)

  • Imagine that every Monday was a holiday. That way we never have to hear either of the following two phrases again: a. "I hate Mondays" (Yeah, We all do. No need to keep saying it...) and b. "Happy Monday" (Usually spewed out by the overly joyful person whom you want to hurt for being that happy on a Monday morning.)

  • Imagine training binders being outlawed. They suck. But you knew that. See previous blogs if you don’t understand that reference.

  • Imagine if all businesses shared profits with their employees. If everyone got a cut - they would be more apt to work harder and be better and provide the customers with mind-blowing experiences. You'd also cut your turnover to close to zero

  • Imagine if you will a world where the Kardashians would be banned from TV. (Authors note – I said this one in 2012. Since then there are actually more Kardashians on TV, not less!)

  • Imagine all employees being trained in a way they can consume information the best for them individually instead of one-size-fits-all training programs. Everyone has different learning styles and they will be more effective if they are learning their preferred way.

  • All Dictators being fired. You all now have to go live on an island together with no one around but you to grow your food and build your houses. Good luck with that.

  • Imagine if the United States stopped worrying so much about giving money to other countries and instead took that money and found a way to truly help the ever-growing homeless problem in our own country.

  • Imagine that lists would be outlawed (ironic isn’t it?).

  • Imagine Elementary Schools being grades K-6, Middle schools 7-9, and high schools 10-12. It’s just common sense people! 6th graders are too young for middle school and 9th graders are too young for high schools. We constantly say they are growing up too fast, but then we put them in situations where they have to grow up fast or be socially ridiculed!

  • ...and while we are on the subject of school, Imagine how awesome our students would be if teachers were allowed to actually teach valuable information instead of just information that will get kids better test scores. In addition - let's imagine a school that has PE every day, music class, art class and interpersonal communications classes for our kids. Let's produce well-rounded and educated kids who can talk to each other when they become adults. And I'm just spit-ballin' here but let's go ahead and pay our teachers more so that we ensure we are attracting the best and brightest to the party and rewarding the awesome ones we have in place already.

  • Imagine that nice is the new norm. We’ve become too cynical – let’s start rewarding nice

  • Imagine all countries have to share their resources. Period. No price hikes. No killing people over your resources.

  • Imagine Job-Switch-Thursdays. Everyone has to do a different job on the first Thursday of every month. That way we get more well-rounded people and an appreciation for what others do.

  • Imagine a world with no Duck Face Pictures. “Man I really find that woman, making a duck face in that selfie, very sexy…” said no one. Ever.

  • Imagine pay based on quality of work you do - not longevity or position title. If you are a rock star for your company and they can't do what they do as well without you - regardless of your title or position - then you deserve to be paid accordingly.

  • Imagine a universe where sports stars can't make more than surgeons. Playing a game or saving people's lives. You make the call! In a related note - imagine all insurance & pharmaceutical companies stop screwing up the medical systems so that the best doctors stop leaving the profession because they can't make money at it anymore.

  • Imagine the following phrase being stricken from the English language - "Because we've always done it that way".

  • Imagine universities being more affordable to all families and many more on-line and alternative options for getting your degree.

  • Imagine if we strike the use of the word “extreme” from any more television shows. Do we really need “Extreme Couponing”? “Extreme cheap skates”? What’s next – “Extreme Stuffed Animal Collections, only on Bravo”?

  • Lastly - imagine a world where Karma mattered. Where the rewards of the world went to those who did the most good, worked the hardest and treated people the best.

I can IMAGINE a world like this. I wonder if you can?

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