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What Do You Stand For?

I was recently asked by a potential client - "What do you stand for as a speaker?" and I thought - man that's a great question. Luckily I have been pondering this for awhile and thought - maybe people really don't know what I stand for. So here goes. I have spent a lifetime creating learning and development programs that make leaders better. My goal is to make every organization I work for or consult with or speak to have measurably better leaders when I am done with them. I stand for leadership that's different than traditional models and it comes from years of experience in which I've taken my Military time, corporate time and consulting time and mixed them all together and then created something unique. I have been a successful leader for a reason. I care deeply about the development of my people and creating an environment that makes my team members want to work with me instead of having to work for me.

I love using humor to get the point across. It gets people's attention and makes your points more salient. My time at the Improv Comedy Clubs really helped me learn how to hone stories and jokes and tie them up into a learning point that sometimes people don't see coming. The best learning points to me are the one's that you can relate to. So I try to find stories and jokes that people can relate to and feel comfortable with to get my points across. It almost sneaks up on them.

Lastly - as a leader I most loved teaching and coaching. I bring that passion to what I do every day. I am always going to be a teacher at heart. The best leaders I've found are great teachers. They don't look at people as numbers. They see the people they lead as the reason for the numbers. That's what I stand for. I stand for the creation of leaders who engage with their team members like they would their guests and create an environment that helps to make their lives better for having worked for that leader.

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